Thursday, December 16, 2010


1 dollar!!!

you can jump
1000 miles, you can kill 1000 zombies, you can save the planet from an aliens invasion, BUT can you approach a girl and seduce her? Follow and help Bob in his funny adventure of seduction!

★★★ GAME ★★★

Bob Stickfinger is a lonely dude who really needs to change his life as a single, play this game and help him to get the sucess he needs!
this game will surprise you with unexpected challenges that will need all your gamer skills and seduction

art, and u will make bob a happy man!

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
-Beautifull Alicia
-Includes Doctor LOVE flirt tipps
-Cute drawn characters with a funny story line.
-Hilarious Minigames

Let us know if u like the game, and features u would like to see.


ps: if you are stuck in the fart part , here's a tip:
use the environment and get the right timing...
the difficulty will be more balanced and clearer in the next update!



  1. yeah i cant get past that fart part, and the tip you provided didn't help either.

  2. grab the latest update, it should be easyer now, hope u ll pass it this time

  3. I cant get past the fear part, the fear goes up to fast!

  4. Hi John,

    we have to admit its a bit hard but its not impossible :)try to push the button more freqently and regulary and u will make it, gets easier at the end dont give up ;)
    let us know if u made and feel free to ask again:)